Bush Street by Mr T Fish



31 Meyrick St: Agnes Fish set up a bazaar here having moved from Cardiff after WW 1. This remained open until 1944. Subsequently occupied by Cecil Davies, a grocer, until Fenton Factors moved in, followed by Pembroke Angling in June 95.

54 Bush St: Thomas Fish, Hardware Store was set up by Thomas & Agnes Fish in 1920. Having spent a short period in Queen St. The shop was initially run by Agnes Fish, Thomas B Fish, having moved to PD to supervise the erection of Army huts at Llanion Barracks and at Bush Camp.

George, the eldest son, was in the Post Office and part time in The National Fire Service. He attended the Tank Fire in 1940, and was probably the fireman closest the scene when the bombs dropped, as he was delivering post in Military Rd. He was also in St Johns Ambulance part time and joined the newly formed Pembrokeshire Ambulance Service in 1948, until retirement.

A bomb dropped destroying 58-62 Bush St on 11th May 1940, causing considerable damage to 54.

Tom Fish [Jnr] assisted with shop deliveries and when Agnes couldn't continue, Tom and Ron Fish ran the shop for many years until May 82 when, Tom and his wife Gwen took over until November 88.

50 Bush St: Harry Raven & his wife Daisy ran a greengrocers shop here for many years, business continued after their retirement by Frances & Jim Harries

56 Bush St; Raymonds butchers shop operated for many years in the 50-60. There was a café on the 2nd floor ran by Walter Williams, who subsequently moved to the "Double Two" café on London Rd. When the café ceased he opened a petrol station on the same site and eventually Tesco bought the area and still operate.

49 Bush St: Ronald Morgan, "Borough Stores" ran a grocers here for many years in the 50s-70, when Ian Peters took over as " Captain Cook" delicatessen. Nin Thomas of Cresswell Quay working here for many years till Jan 79, with Betty Smith and John Fenwick and Ruby Fish.

51 Bush St: Alfred "Affie" Davies ran his undertakers business from this address until taken over by John Roberts in the 70s. Currently run by his son Neil, following his dads death.

57 Bush St: T P Williams, a sweet wholesaler was run by John MacCall and his wife Eileen in the 50s and 60s

59 Bush St : Brawns Bakery was owned by Ron & Rose Brawn, and operated here for many years, including a van delivery round to the country areas

61 Bush St: Donovans- a sports shop was run by Frank Donovan, an Olympic footballer and Boro player for many years. Frank also operated an electrical business from the premises.

63 Bush St: West Wales Guardian, the weekly paper had an office here staffed by Llewelyn Thomas

65 Bush St: Bush Tavern- run by Eddie Jones

66 Hewitts Electrical- Shop and contracting business here for many years in late 60s

69-72: Council Offices

Shops between Park St & Meyrick St included Queenie Hughes, dressshop, later ran by Joyce Scourfield, Stephens fishmonger, & Elsdons Garage on the south side.

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