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Healthcare - and safety - have progressed since the eighteen-fifties - the times of the mysterious "doctoress of Llanreath" , who possibly dispensed traditional remedies, and the unfortunate Dr. Sumpter. Walking back from a visit to Pennar one night, Dr. Sumpter slipped in the dark and fell to his death in the Defensible Barracks moat.

The first hospitals for injured workers were converted ships moored offshore - HMS Saturn then, from 1867 to 1895, HMS Nankin. The Meyrick Wards, later the Meyrick Hospital, were built to mark Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee in 1897-8, formally opened in 1899 and served until the 1950s. The Meyrick Flats now occupy the site. The Royal Naval Hospital at Fort Road, now developed into the South Pembrokeshire Hospital, was constructed around 1902.  After the closure of Jacob's Pill private dockyard, the mould loft provided as an isolation hospital for patients with infectious diseases, between approximately 1890 and 1940. 

Isolation hospital, by courtesy of Mr Bryn Rixon.
Jacob's Pill Isolation hospital.

HMS Nankin.
HMS Nankin.


Hospital collection box, by courtesy of Pembroke Dock Museum Trust.

Before the National Health Service, donations in a collection box helped fund the Meyrick Hospital.

Meyrick Hospital, by courtesy of Mr George Lewis.

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Pictures by courtesy of: Collection box, Pembroke Dock Museum Trust - Meyrick Hospital, Mr George Lewis & The Coronation Centre - Isolation hospital, Mr Bryn Rixon.